Animal Control Services

Animal Control Unit

The Animal Control Unit consists of one Animal Control Officer and is managed by the Administrative Services Bureau. The Animal Control Unit is responsible for enforcing the codes and ordinances pertaining to animals within the City of Mount Dora. This includes, but is not limited to, domestic animals, nuisance animal complaints, and responding to sick and/or injured animals, just to name a few.

Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Officer Cynthia Blevins has been with the Police Department since January 2004 and has a number of years experience within the animal control field. During her time here, she has created excellent relationships with the residents of the City. She is eager to educate those unfamiliar with the codes and ordinances.

Anyone who wishes to have Animal Control personnel respond to their home must call (352) 735-7130.

Retail Sale of Cats and Dogs Ordinance 2018-13

First Reading

This is a request for City Council to approve Ordinance No. 2018-13, Retail sale of dogs and

The City of Mount Dora is a pet/companion animal friendly community. This City believes in
the humane care of animals. The City has put in place ordinances that outline the protection,
handling and care of pet/companion animals (Chapter 18 - Animals, Code of Ordinances).
Recently, Lake County Board of County Commissioners adopted an ordinance pertaining to
the Retail sale of dogs and cats (Section 4-42 of Lake County ordinances) in an effort to
remain consistent throughout the county, it has been requested the City of Mount Dora enact a similar ordinance.

Strategic Impact:
Two areas of the Strategic will be supported by the proposed ordinance. Growth Management and Economic Development will be supported because when considering the types of businesses attracted to the City, it will remain critical for the City to be consistent with Lake County and the other municipalities throughout

Lake County Ordinance Sec. 4-42. - Retail sale of dogs and cats.


The retail sale of dogs and cats shall be prohibited; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to any Animal Shelter, Animal Rescue Organization, or other person or entity if the dogs or cats are not obtained from a breeder or broker for payment or compensation.


The recommended penalty for a violation of this section is a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00).

(Ord. No. 2018-22, § 2, 5-8-18)