Public Comment/Questions FAQ

The City of Mount Dora is committed to being open to public suggestions and comments in regards to residents concerns.  We have provided links to Frequently Asked Questions for residents and visitors to help increase awareness on the various projects and agenda items in the city. 

If you do not feel your question or detail has not been addressed, please feel free to contact your city council:

Click here for individual emails or contact the council as a whole

Mayor Nick Girone
Vice Mayor Laurie Tillett
Council Member At-Large Mark Slaby
Council Member At-Large Cathy Hoechst
Council Member Cal Rolfson
Council Member John Tucker
Council Member Marc Crail

City Attorney

Any questions about our prior and current city attorney can be found in this link

City Attorney

Sidewalk Projects

The City of Mount Dora strives to keep our streets and sidewalks clean and maintained.

Street and Sidewalk Management System

Boil Water Alert FAQ

  1. What to do if a notice or alert is issued

    Link to page

Questions on Trees


We have a page dedicated to the Arborist's progress

Arborists/Tree Study
Mount Dora Friends of the Environment

What is Council doing about the Parking Situation?

We are continuing our downtown parking study to find the best solution

Downtown Parking Study

What is the Alternative Water and Thrill Hill Project?

At a recent council meeting, a resident asked questions related to the Thrill Hill project and Alternative Water program in the city.

Thrill Hill Overview

Land Acquisitions on City Projects

Please see our City Agenda for the latest on the Barfield LLC projects

06-20-2017 Agenda